Xi Phi Chapter History

Xi Phi Chapter, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity's oldest graduate chapter in New York City, was founded on November 11, 1926, by a group of graduate and professional men. Such notables as Richard E. Carey, Langston Hughes, Nathaniel Burwell and Judge Dennis Edwards, just to name a few, were dedicated to Omega's cardinal principles.


Nathaniel A. Burrell, Jr. (E-1920)

Richard E. Carey, Esq. (A-1915)

Lisle C. Carter, D.D.S. (E-1922)

Conrad A. Edwards, M.D. (E-1922)

James T. W. Granady, M.D. (A-1914)

William H. Pleasants (A-1911)


William H. Allen, M.D.,Edward E. Best, M.D., Arthur L. Donnelly, D.D.S. Alexander C. Garner, D.D, Philip J. Jones, Archibald D. Lewis, F. Theodore Reid, M.D., Ellis B. Weatherless, Esq.


Theodore E. Hanson - initiated in 1928

Frederick H. Miller - initiated on 12/1/29


1937 to 1938 1938 to 1939 1939 to 1940
Basileus Ellis B. Weatherless Ellis B. Weatherless Alexander C. Garner DD
Vice Bas. Arthur L. Donnelly,DDS Edward E. Best,MD Edward E. Best,MD
KRS Philikp J. Jones Nathaniel A. Burrell,Jr Nathaniel A. Burrell,Jr
KOF William H. Allen,MD Charles Fairclough,DDS Charles Fairclough,DDS
KOP Edward E. Best,MD Arthur L. Donnelly,DDS Arthur L. Donnelly,DDS
Chaplain Alexander C. Garner, DD Alexander C. Garner, DD Ellis B. Weatherless
Editor James T.W. Granady, MD James T.W. Granady, MD James T.W. Granady, MD

In 1982, with approximately 25 Brothers, Xi Phi was reactivated with the intent to re-establish the Chapter as a viable force in New York City and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Brothers elected to lead the Chapter through the reactivation process were Butler B. Dowery, Wade H. Isreal, John L. Staton, Ray Johnson, Henry D. Biggart and Charles C. Thomas. The thrust of our programmatic approach was community involvement.

Since reactivation we have worked hard to help improve and revitalize our community. Through neighborhood clean-ups, voter registration drives, book and clothing drives, feeding the homeless, volunteer work with the senior citizens of the Greater Harlem Nursing Home, mentoring programs for high school males, scholarship awards for high school and college students, Voter Registration, Black College Tour, Urban League Football Classic and Life Membership in the NAACP we have found positive ways to give something back to the community.

Community Uplift through Perseverance (CUP), Inc., is our fund-raising arm that allows us to support our charitable activities such as the Black College Tour and scholarship awards.

Our Black College Tour has taken over 1,500 students to historically black colleges and universities in North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

The Omega Express, first published in in the Fall of 1990, is the voice of Xi Phi chapter that chronicles the activities and achievements of the members of chapter and to make those activities known to the community that we serve.

The Xi Phi Chapter Web Site went "on line" in the Spring of 1999. This means of communication allows the world to get up-to-the-minute information of the history, activities, events, links and achievements of the chapter. It is also a medium that allow visitors to communicate with the chapter via email.

Our chapter motto is:

"Uplifting the Community Through Our Actions"

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